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OpenNX is an open source drop in replacement for NoMachine's NX client. It is compatible to the original client in that it uses the same syntax for the session configuration files (.nxs files). OpenNX is distributed under the GNU Lesser Public License v2.1. OpenNX is written in C++ and uses the excellent wxWidgets toolkit. Compared to the original client, it also adds some additional features which improve usability:

  • Ability to use the OpenSC framework to enable SmartCard based authentication for the initial SSH connection.
  • Ability to use a variety of different proxy types.
  • Ability to fetch session configuration files via http (read only)
  • Ability to disable configuration controls by providing a read only configuration file.
  • Dynamic use of libsmbclient, libcups, libopensc and pulseaudio (no static dependencies).
  • Uses libjpeg-turbo for speed improvement (if available).

Using wxWidgets for multi platform capabilities, OpenNX runs on Unix systems, Mac OSX and Windows. Currently, binaries are available for various Linux distributions as well as Mac OSX and Windows. Binaries for OpenBSD are available in the official OpenBSD ports tree. For those, who want to build OpenNX from source, we recommend building from SVN. Build instructions can be found in the Wiki.

Because OpenNX uses NX technology for providing a remote desktop display, in order to use OpenNX you must have access to a NX server installation. In addition to NoMachine's commercial server, there are several open source implementations available. The most prominent one is FreeNX. Another one is Google's NeatX, which however does not yet provide the full feature set.

About donations to OpenNX

Until September 2010, I had access to an old iMac running OSX 10.5 at my employer. Unfortunately, that machine died and my employer does not see the need to purchase a new machine (we don't do Mac Software at that company). When the machine died, I was able to virtualize a backup of it and used that for development. Until now. With Apple's release of OSX 10.7 (Lion), the situation has changed. Lion does not support 32bit anymore and they apparently changed the keyboard handling of their included X11 server. For OpenNX, this means: I can't test/fix the keyboard handling until I get my hands on a real 64bit Mac with 10.7. Therefore, I now enabled SF's donation system in order to collect money for the appropriate hardware.

Update: My employer announced to double the collected amount! A macmini costs approx. 599 EUR, so the goal is now approx 300 EUR.

If you care about OpenNX further development, please consider donating some money by clicking the button below.

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