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Getting help / reporting bugs
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  • The various trackers on the SourceForge project site, are NOT intended for getting help or discussions!

For that, we have a mailing list. In order to prevent spam, the list accepts mail from subscribers only, so in order to write to the list, you must subscribe first. If you want to subscribe to the mailing list or just want to search the list's archive, go to this page. The subscription process is simple: Just provide a mail address in the subscription form and click the subscribe button. You then will receive a confirmation mail containing a link to activate the subscription. After activation was successful, you will get another (welcome) mail. After that, you can start writing to the list. Unsubscribing works almost the same way - if in doubt: ask on the list.

Before asking questions, please have a look at the Wiki, which might already have the answer. Also, we would appreciate it very much, if you take the time and read Eric Raymond's generic How To Ask Questions The Smart Way which applies in many aspects to our mailing list.

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